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Gammal Law Office is fully aware of the political and economic challenges globally, being at the forefront of its evolution. Since 1990, the Office has advised leading corporations on the issues of today’s integrated world market and is continuously working on delivering excellent service.

We operate in accordance with our global business principles of quality, diligence, unity and integrity. We aim to provide the highest possible standard of legal service.

Over many years in practicing in multiple fields of law, our office has developed, and, evolved a unique philosophy of its own.

Our office developed a unique trend of its own, combining the benefits of a full service law firm - with our number of attorneys and the wide array of areas of practice - and, the benefits of a boutique law firm, represented in the utmost care provided to each and every client.

Our new developed law firm model, makes Gammal Law Office operate to a drum beat of its own.  Our distinctive structure defines our methodology, we limit the number of matters we undertake, and, work together on a taskforce basis on all our matters, bringing to bear the requisite mix of people and expertise across practice areas.

The Office’s target is to maintain a strong professional relationship with its clients. The field and market of all clients is extensively comprehended in order to be able to introduce all new legal aspects related to their activity and in order to confront all risks by deliberating details to minimize or avoid, if legally possible, any potential risks. Gammal attorneys are well exposed to the market and are aware of its trends, allowing them to be on top of all updates and making them one-step ahead in predicting any future legal implications that may face their clients.

The unique philosophy of the office, in dealing with its clients, is combining the benefits a client gets from the wide range of services a full service law firm provides and the quality of tailored and focused services provided by Boutique law firms.

The main focus is achieving solid outcomes, minimizing time, stress and legal costs. We understand that Clients seek legal services that deliver favorable business solutions at fair cost and want to work with attorneys who are strategic, responsive, have an understanding of their needs and are willing to invest in the client relationship. Our main intention is to fulfill our clients’ goals.

Being small and focused, we can communicate with, and deliver superior service to our clients. The Office’s ultimate aim is for clients to make Gammal Law Office their first choice and for Gammal Law Office to become an extension of their organization and part of their team.

Confidentiality, avoidance of conflict of interest, Accountability and Integrity constitute the core values and principles of our office. We assure that all our attorneys, and, our supporting staff abide by our core values and principles.

The values and principles of our office members always come first. We assure that all team members abide by the office morals and ethics and encourage them to handle all matters in a professional manner. We also assure that cases are handed to a specialized team member, who has comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the case. Time and professionalism are essential to Gammal Law Office team in providing services.

Confidentiality is our most important value in Gammal Law Office. We believe that secrecy is the key in building a sound relationship with clients and in becoming a dependable entity. Assuring and comforting our clients that their information is strictly confidential (unless they permit its disclosure), is essential for us to becoming trusted and reliable.

Avoiding any conflict of interest is another main principle and is a part of our office professional ethics. All new clients are subject to conflict of interest check, to avoid the influence of another client’s interest. Loyalty to our primary clients bans us from accepting any new cases or relationships that are with interests opposing to those of our original clients, except if permitted to accept the work by our clients.

Accountability for Gammal Law Office is equally crucial. We honor the trust our clients vest in our office by exerting all efforts to fulfill their expectations and by providing the most efficient services. All office members understand the importance of assuming full responsibility of their work and of meeting our office’s quality standards in all provided services. Our office always strives to abide by the highest standards of quality and accountability.

Integrity is a must, because accuracy and truthfulness are of our core responsibilities as lawyers. Our team members fully comprehend that being consistent, diligent and avoiding any discrepancies are the core of delivering substantial outcomes.

Close in-house services and acting as clients' in-house Counsel, is one of the main services Gammal Law Office is planning to provide. All companies have in-house counsels, that handle some or all the legal work but companies may still depend on outsourced expertise. Whatever expertise the legal department within the company contains, it is likely to outsource/consult legal offices, as the latter services are required for the sake of their knowledge of local jurisdiction, experience in specific fields or simply for assisting the legal department with their busy load of work.

The target is to have a different type of a legal service, complementing and supporting the outsourcing services. The idea is to have specific teams in our office working under the office's umbrella but serving specific clients, acting as their in-house counsels. Being located at the law office will provide the said teams with the luxury of benefiting from the office’s facilities and research engines and allowing them to improve their skills and legal knowledge by interacting with different lawyers in different fields. Hence, being located within the law office will result in giving the client the full service an in-house counsel will provide but with more comprehensive skill and knowledge. Meanwhile, the in-house teams will be fully dedicated working around the clock to the client and, will not be requested to handle the work of any other clients.

Our in-house service provides a different paradigm to the customary client-law office relationship, and, is undoubtedly more efficient and, hands-on than the usual seconding services. Our in-house service provides experienced attorneys with, a huge support backroom staff, in order to meet corporate needs, with top tier standards, available around the clock.